Ship FP2 to Canada?

Hi there! I currently live in Canada and finally have enough savings to buy my self this great phone. I am originally from Spain so I have family that can send it to me. The problem is, I can’t pay.
In order to pay with my credit card I need to provide my billing address (the one that I live in at this moment) and Canada is not one of the options. Could someone please let me know what can I do to pay? Is there any other way? Thank you!

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I do not get the real problem.

At my shop account the following payment methods are available, which should be possible to manage from outside EU:

You can transfer payment from your PayPal account, or pay via PayPal
using your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express).
If you’re not a frequent PayPal user, you may be able to make credit
card payments as a guest (without creating an account). There is a fee
of 1.7% for PayPal payments. If you have any issues paying through
PayPal, please contact their customer service directly.

Bank transfer:
If you are making a bank transfer, you will receive an email from
Fairphone with specific information about making the transfer. Payments
make by bank transfer can take up to 4 days to process. Additional
charges may apply for international transfers.

Despite I can’t see “credit card” direclty (only via Paypal) I don’t see any problem to give your shipping adress (your friends name) and your billing adress (with your name) in Spain but manage your payment yourself by e.g. Bank transfer or Paypal?

Could this help?
Cheers, Robert

P.S.: But please keep in mind to check, whether the FP2 will work with canadian network technique.

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