Sharing photo to gmail goes to linkedin

I’m trying to share google photos to google mail (both set up on the fairphone 3 and working fine) and each time I click the icon link for gmail with the photos selected it creates a post in LinkedIn.

Can anyone help please?

HI Clare and welcome to the forum. I’m not going to be much help as i don’t use any of the platforms you mention, but it would surprise me if this is problem with your FP3.

How long have you had the phone?

Hopefully someone will reply who has some detailed knowledge of these applications and hosting?email severs.

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Hello there, the phone is a few weeks new. It’s odd because the icons for each choice of platform are clear so I’m not selecting incorrectly and I’ve done a reboot but it hasn’t cleared.

Thanks for your reply.

Ok my last post is waiting for moderation, I think it may be as I placed an email address-like piece of text…

So do you have a LinkedIn account on your phone that you can disable/remove and see if the google one gets used?

Settings > Accounts

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Hi I’m sure it’s not the phone but you can a) start in safe mode which will disable any apps you have installed until you reboot again.

Also if you have an SD card inserted ensure it is formatted as External/Portable ans formatting as Internal has been the root of many problems though I haven’t come across this issue before…

Ok I’m trying to get a better understanding.

  1. You use the default Google photos app on the phone or is this an online Google cloud storgae?

  2. The you want to link a specific image to an email send via your online google email account **** for example

  3. But when you click on the image you want to attach you are redirected to LinkedIn…


  1. you click on an image you want to email from either of the options in 1 above but you are taken to LinkedIn instead of a google mail account.
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