Sharing Fairphone 3's internet?

Is it possible for a fairphone3 sharing internet with the pc? I dont have any permanent internet to my pc because the internetcables in the building is bad and old and i am unable get fibernet because my greedy landlord doesnt want me distube other neighbours while having fiber installered in the building. When i using my pc, i connect my iphone6 + to my pc for being able to play online games. So, is it possible for an fairphone 3 sharing its internet with a pc?


There are three ways to share internet:

  • Wifi hotspot
  • USB tethering
  • Bluetooth

You can enable all of them from the same menu in the settings > Tethering and wireless hotspot (under Wireless and Networks; you may need to press ‘More…’ to see it.)

Which operating system does your computer use?


Windoes 10 and awesome :smiley:
Cant wait to i get money in Feb for buying fairphone 3


I use WiFi tethering once in a while and can confirm that it works well with Windows 10. :slight_smile:


Note: I do not have an FP3 at hand to check, but some quick searches on the web for Android 9 screenshots suggest that USB tethering might also be accessible (more quickly) by clicking the USB mode notification in the top drawer after connecting the cable.

(On the FP2/Android 7, it is not in this menu, only in the settings.)

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I have successfully used WLAN and USB tethering on FP3. I have not tried Bluetooth. Might try it at some point but got some deadlines right now…

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As @AlbertJP already mentioned, there are numerous options for sharing your FP3 internet connection with your PC (assuming that your mobile contract includes a sufficient amount of high-speed data).

I am not sure, though, if such a shared internet connection offers the low latency that you might need for some online games. But it you were satisfied with your iPhone-PC-combo so far, the Fairphone should work as well.

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