Shall we make wikis green again?

Wikis are no longer green by default but

Shall we do that?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is the quote taken from the discourse forum? What were the reasons for removing it?

Yes it’s from discourse. Here is the link, sorry but I think the “go to the quoted post” arrow worked before with quotes from different forums.

The only reason mentioned is the above quoted “it was too obvious”, which I can’t agree less with.

Only 13 voters so far, but I think a slight tendency towards green wikis is already detectable. :wink:

@Douwe do you think this could be implemented easily?

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Hey @paulakreuzer, I’d have to investigate.
Could you tell me what needs to be done?

After some talk, we decided to remove that color altogether and just leave the “wiki” class so that you can easily customise wiki posts.

So how about now?
Are we all used to and happy with unflashy wikis or do we still want green wikis back?

Shall we make wikis green again?

  • Yes
  • No

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What’s the problem with green wikis that you even repeat the poll, in hope the result would change?

I personally find it very useful to have wikis in a different color than usual threads, because a wiki should be treated differently by the community, in regards to the quality of the posts. While usual threads are mostly opinion-based discussions, a wiki should (in my opinion) be primarily fact-based and contain concrete and useful information instead of discussions.


No I don’t hope the results change. I’m very much pro green wikis.
I just wanted to get more current data before I tag @Douwe again asking when this is going to happen.

@Douwe you asked:

As an answer I quoted a discourse mod:

And then they linked this github code:

I don’t understand it, but I guess someone familiar to the forum software should know what to do with this?

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Hey Paul,

@Marco is in charge of html and css here, so I asked him to place it on the to do list.

Thnx for raising this again!


Since we happened to talk about this at the latest #austrianfairphoners meeting and I just happened to come across the following topic on meta.discourse I thought I’ll bring this up again.

I think the green in the screenshot in that topic is a bit ugly and we should use something a little more subtle.

@anon83519835, you can probably do this with the blink of an eye, right. :wink:

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what colour do you want it to be?

Light blue, pink, purple, green…give me a rgb code for example #FCCBFF or something like that and I can change it easy


@Douwe Does it need to fit with the ‘corporate’ colour scheme? If so, what are the options? (Don’t want to piss off the web design guys…)

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How about

Or maybe it needs to be a bit lighter and more transparent as background colour?

I liked the way it was in ancient times. Does anybody have a screenshot?
It was like this but green, not blue.

PS.: I think the user title should not be coloured.

it will not…it only does the body…I tested it on our testforum…

At least the “Add staff colour” options adds blue to the title:

Well, then how about posting maybe 3 to 5 example-postings with different green backgrounds and making a poll what colour users like best.
To gain broader attention, this poll could be posted as a banner; that’s because wikis concern all users of the forum and not just the “regulars”.
In my opinion the question if they should stand out from the rest should be of interest especially for the random user experiencing a specific problem.

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