Shall we make wikis green again?

@Stefan: this is how it looks on the testforum…as you can see…only body is affected…

If you guys have decided what colour you want let me know…


Indeed I’d make it a little lighter. Something like: #E5FFE0


I think even lighter green is enough: #F8FFF6


Yeah that looks great. Let’s use that. :slight_smile:

I think it’s too light. I barely see it on my non-retina screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t we all have non-retina displays?

Or should we go for a different color after all? Red-green blindness is quite common. @Chris_R?

Did you see all the iMacs in the Fairphone office? :wink:

I suggest #e0ffe0.

According to ColorHexa’s Color Blindness Simulator, the colour will look different. But any colour will stand out, and that’s our goal here, right?

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1st: I think a bit more colour would be fine.
2nd: Red green blindness would be a problem only, if we have some text in red or a red background to mark other texts. As long as there is green only, it should not matter, should it?


Oh yeah of course.

Well I think

Looks nice. :+1:

Ok changed it to: #e0ffe0

Let me know if this is ok or not…


Ok to be honest actually seeing the color as a #wiki background I do think it should be lighter after all.
I’m pretty sure it was much lighter before.

Also when you load a wiki post it starts off as staff-blue and then slowly turns white (like every other post) before finally turning green. Is it possible to disable that animation for wikis?

PS: Especially light grey text and grey quotes don’t look good on such a strong background color.

In my Fairphone 1 I’m still using the old theme and there is no green background at all.

I need to check that

ehm I only changed it on the new theme…I can change it everywhere…please hold on

Just for reference for everybody who wants to quickly check out the current color:

This is a wiki post.

And this is what some things with grey color look in a wiki:




Likes, share button etc:


Here is a mockup. Does anybody know the code of the original green wiki background?

Edit: On my bad LCD screen #e0ffe0 looks good, but it’s too dark on my FP1 screen.

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I’d actually prefer the lightest one of those three options.

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Discourse 1.5/1.6 used #408040, which is quite dark. I’m assuming the background was faded out a bit, but can’t find that quickly enough.

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Yeah I believe that’s the color of the edit-symbol in the top right corner of a wiki.

Is that a typo? I believe you mean #covfefe