Several issues on my new FP2

Hi dear fairphoners!

I would firtsly let you know that my English is pretty bad, so excuse me for that and if something is not clear enough just tell me and I’ll try to explain myself better :grin:

So, a couple of months ago I finally received my new FP2 and I was just over the moon, but this feeling didn’t last much. Every day my experience with this phone got worse and worse :cry: I’m writing this post to ask if all this problems are known and if there is a way to solve them (and in the worst case, if they’re covered by warranty)

First of all, the battery. I’d been warned (by a friend that already owned a FP2) that the battery wasn’t that good, but I think my situation is not normal. For the first days it went well, but then it started rapidly decreasing. Now, after two months, if I just leave the phone on without using it, the battery will last 12 hours, and if I use it just half an hour (with any kind of task). Maybe this could be related to the second issue:

It gets so damn overheated! From the moment I get it in my hand and I unlock it, it won’t pass a minute that it gets so hot I can’t even keep it in my hand anymore. While charging, it is in this situation even if I’m not using it. The heat comes mainly from the top center of the phone, but also from the battery. After a couple of minutes also the lcd gets so hot I could almost not touch it.

There is also another little issue related to the lcd: Some days ago two little spots appeared on the screen, where the brightness is higher than the rest of the screen. If you don’t look carefully probably you wouldn’t even notice them, but now that I know they’re there, they got pretty annoying.

Another issue is related to the wifi module. Sometimes the phone gets problems authenticating to wifi networks, even with the ones I already connected to. In addition to this, sometimes it disconnects from the networks even if I’m still well in the range of the wi-fi. The module got a overally bad range, in my house the FP2 doesnt connect to the wifi where my previous phone did well, and even if I get closer to my wi-fi source, most of the time the connection does not get better, I must be within 5 meters from my router to have a good and stable connection (and my router is an Asus ac68u…)

Last but not least, videos lagging. For the moment I experienced this problem only on youtube. Some videos (and I mean nearly half of them) after a couple of seconds become laggy, but just the video, the sound works fine. I havent actually checked if this could be related to some codecs. I wouldnt care much if some videos are a bit laggy, but it is impossible to follow if the sound continues normally and the video is left the more and more behind in time.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you can help with some of that :slight_smile: I really wish they are solvable problems, I would be really sad to abandon this phone and the great idea that stands behind it.
If I am forced to send it back while still in warranty, I need to know it fast because in three weeks my university courses restart and I need my phone back and running.

Thanks again and have a nice day,

Hi Rova,

please contact the Fairphone support as soon as possible. You can also call them. Look here for contact details:

From what you describe, this looks like a hardware or battery defect. But you could try to reset your phone to factory settings. Make sure you have a back up of your personal data before.

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