Settings widget replacement

Continuing the discussion from FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha:

I’m not sure why I cannot reply in the original thread… Anyway, I wanted to say that I miss the settings-widget too. I looked for an open-source alternative; not easy!

The only open-source alternative that I found is Power Toggles. As far as I can tell, it is open-source (at least the code is on GitHub). Unfortunately, it is only available on Google Play, not in F-Droid :frowning:

If someone knows of another open-source alternative, please tell me!

You are not part of the Beta Test group, so the #software:fp1-beta-testing forum is read-only for you. Which Fairphone are you talking about (your profile info says that you are using a FP2) and which OS do you have installed?

Thanks for the explanation, Stefan :slight_smile: Not a problem anyway.
In the family, we used to all have an FP1, with the native “settings widget” in use. Now I have the FP2 with FP Open, hence my search for a replacement to this awesome widget.

Although I do not have the same phone nor the same OS as roman, I sympathize with his loss; that’s all.

Ok, then this better fits into #software:fp-open :wink:

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