Settings > Apps > Files by Google > disappeared!

@ChlRun: let me clarify.
The first part is about the nightmares I got due to Google’s irrespect. In that part I explain clearly how to get rid of it.
I can’t imagine I’m the only one in the world NOT being tortured by those 100% unwanted and enormously time consuming SPAM
[how did YOU get rid of it? Or doesn’t it bother you at all? And, do you have an idea (cf. previous reply) what 30th app is missing? or are there more than 1 missing?]
The second part is about my question.
About deleting google files: yes, in my first 2 days I deleted gBoard, hoping this was the cause (of that SPAM). This forum helped me to restore it. I should have mentioned it to @yvmuell.
Have a nice day, week, month, year and… hoping to read your opinion about Google’s <(-:censured :-)>

Files is not missing, its in your screenshot.

In your Screenshot Chrome is missing

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@yvmuell: eueuhhh… I’m totally lost. First you say a file is NOT missing (capitals just to make sure what I’m referring to) and next you say Chrome is missing.
But I never use Chrome. So, if Google is using only Chrome (what I can understand), that explains everything and… is my salvage!!! (and one of the settings I changed must have caused to delete that app).
But… I probably found a problem.
See next reply:

@ChlRun, @Lidwien, @yvmuell: I just discovered one problem. I installed WeTransfer, because some video’s cant be send by gMail and… it can’t initialise.
And… am I really the only getting spammed by Google?

PS: I received following message from the Forum site:

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My question : ** WHAT DID I DO WRONG?**

Your topic is named

Settings > Apps > Files by Google > disappeared!

You shared a screenshot showing the App Files by Google

So I say

You ask which app is lost (30-1=29) and I say

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OK maybe I was me who not clear enough:
Settings > Apps > Files by Google > disappeared!
Explicitly I mean:
In “Settings > Apps“ the option “Files by Google” disappeared!
So now I have less options in “Settings > Apps“.
Thanks for making it clear.
I changed it the description of this topic.

As long as the App is in the App drawer (your screenshot) it cant have disappeared from Settings- Apps

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From my side, I can only say that I have installed very few, special apps and am completely free of the SPAM you described… and every cell phone (only 3 so far) was also free of it.

In this case, you can assume that it is not the standard that google chooses to enslave you… it’s more likely to be a setting or rather an external app… :innocent:

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Following on what @ChlRun said, I could not really grasp what you, @Sono, were describing.

I feel it might connected with using Google Assistant and activating Google every time one says, hey, google, or something alike.
I would never dare having this on.
So yes, I have no unwanted videos or spam

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It seems to me, that you consider some things as Google spam, that are just parts of the operating system or of certain apps.

For instance, the two pictures you posted as “Spam 6” show a) the system prompt that you just made a screenshot of your home screen (probably by mistake) giving you the option to share or edit this screen shot - and b) the screen you get when you load this screenshot into the Photos app (by tapping on the pencil icon) to edit it (with some one-time bubble explaining how to get additional paid features).

So, it seems that a lot of your “problems with Google spam” might actually be quite useful features that you just don’t know yet.

All your questions in this forum are actually quite eye opening to me - revealing how sophisticated smartphones have become… and how overwhelming for someone who hasn’t used them before.

Even though everyone in this forum is trying to help you as good as we can (and will carry on doing so), I’d really advice you to meet some friends with some smartphone experience and take a few hours with them to play around with your phone together. It will be much easier to learn all this stuff with someone else hands on than by trying to explain everything here…


@mgkoeln: thank you. In the meantime I got more experience and could solve 3 problems myself.

What you call a “one-time bubble” was coming up at least 5 times if not more an hour!!! It made me sick! I spare you the others.

The man thing is they disappeared with all the settings I showed you and the side-effect that the Chrome app disappeared (cf. next note).

ChlRun, @Lidwien, @Meaghan, @mgkoeln, @yvmuell: I restored the Chrome app, and I can use WeTransfer (which won’t start of without it), see the videos on youtube etc. The “Files by Google” settings (in Settings>app”) is still missing, but it doesn’t seem to be of any importance, because almost all Google SPAM too remains absent. So I’m relieved.

> Can someone tell me what’s in the “Files by Google” setting?
> Or in what situation will I need that setting?
> Thank you all for your help.

PS: I’ve removed SPAM7 from this topic’s description because I had doubted its accuracy since the beginning (see personal note above to Lidwien).

Only 1 change since i restored the Chrome app:
SPAM5 (home button) did return but… occurred only one (** Phew!)… up to know**, before it happened EACH time!

As mentioned before, I am not always sure I know what you are describing.

I am using files to access files on my mobile.

Much of the spam you’re describing are Google services connected with the assistant, which I am not using at all, I have it disabled.

@Meaghan: Can you tell me what phrase, word(s) or phrase(s) isn’t/aren’t clear?
I’m attentive to be as clear as possible, and avoid as much as I can, confusions, misinterpretations & errors. It would help me to avoid unclarity.
I’m also very interested to learn how YOU disabled the assistant as my method had that queer side-effect described in the title of this topic.

For example, when you mentioned unwanted videos, it was not clear in what context and how they appear, what prompts them

You can go to setting and just type google assistant, if not it would be settings->Google->Setting of Google App->Search, Assistant & Voice-> Google Assistant-> OK Google (I have it disabled)

There might be some other settings connected with Google Assistance, I have them all I believe disabled

I understood you were interested in typing using voice and perhaps that is why you are using Google Assistant. I think it should be possible to type using voice by only using Gboard mic but this is not the function I will consider useful for myself so I do not have a lot to say here

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If you want to get rid of all this Google stuff, install the /e/OS on your phone. (Long journey to go, though)

Dear @Meaghan: I can’t remember exactly remember because the were always there. When I consulted the multi-tasking(via the square at the bottom right).
Even “Force Stop” didn’t helped for long. As a hypersensitive person, I was so disturbing, totally overwhelmed, especially as I never could stop it immediately.
So I don’t remember how they started.
When I tap Settings->Google->Setting of Google App->
I get: “Connected apps”, “Google Contacts sync”, “Google Fit”, “Google Play Instant” & “Google Wallet”
without “Search, Assistant & Voice”. Is this normal? I searched all appropriate options, but couldn’t find it.
And maybe in the end it doesn’t matter so much as since those 4 settings, I have almost no more unwanted videos. Today I hadn’t much time, but when I wan on FP, I didn’t got any.
Hope you’re doing well.

I am glad it does not bother you that much anymore.
I have no idea why your settings do not match mine, but it may be for so many reasons I will not be going there.
Just a reminder, you can always search the settings in order to find exactly the one you are looking for.