Settings app keeps closing

Hi, I’m a newbie tho I’ve had my FP2 for a year or so.
Recently the Settings app keeps falling over. When I open it I get the message “settings has stopped. Open app again” then if I open again I get a very brief “closed”.
The only way it stays open is if I hold on the icon so that the sub-menus for Data/Battery/Wi-fi show up, then I can go into those and from them into the Settings main menu but if I select Settings Home it falls over again with “Can’t open”
I’ve searched here for any answers, found Katekue in 2016 and tried the solution described there to wipe the cache partition. No difference.
Any ideas???

So you have rebooted already and which OS are you using? Android 7/ LineageOS, FPOOS?

Hi Patrick1
Its Android 7.1.2
Do I need to do a Factory reset? Not sure exactly what I might loose if I do that.

Maybe you do, but this should be the last step as you will loose some individual data (which you of course can backup in advance).
This misbehavior can also be caused by another app, but finding it probably will take up some time.
If you see only the chance of a factory reset to fix this issue you may read through this forum using the search function. There are several topics about performing a factory reset.
You could start off here.

Hi Patrick1, thanks for your help and the links were useful. The issue has “magically” gone away after another Fairphone OS update and a bit more tweaking of apps. I generally try to avoid sync-ing and allowing access wherever I can, but it seems that some apps won’t perform properly, even tho there is an option to limit their access.

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