Setting up Exchange account fails - Encryption is already active

My phone was previously set up for an exchange account which required encryption.
Phone encryption did it’s work, the exchange admin got the permissions to remotely delete all data (prerequisite to get my company emails onto the FP 2).
This worked fine.

Then I removed my antivirus application (used “avast”)
and installed Kaspersky Internet Security.
After doing this, the Exchange app stated that the Exchange administration requires the phone to be encrypted - although the phone IS still encrypted.

Now I’m trapped - I cannot encrypt the phone a second time, and the Exchange account setup always sends me into “encrypt your phone”.
If I follow that track, the OS tells me that it will now reboot to start encryption, then the FP2 reboots, discovers that it IS already encrypted and continues normal boot. The exchange setup does never recognize that the encryption is active, it starts again with “please encrypt”.

Tried to remove the Exchange account and recreate it - no difference
Tried to remove Kaspersky - no difference.
Tried to use another mail app (MailWise) to set up Exchange mail - no difference.

Of course I could Factory-reset my FP2 to remove encryption and re-install everything, but there must be an easier and less time consuming path …

Any idea how I can set up Exchange successfully?

The only thing that I can think of is changing your pin / password. Normally the unlock pin/password is also used to access a second key, which then allows decryption of the data volume. If you’re lucky, exchange will detect the change of pin as a change of the encryption status, but it’s a bit of a long shot…

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