Setting time and time zones

i have two sim cards, one European, the other one Russian. when i am in Europe, time is correctly set by the network operators. when i am in Russia, however, this does not seem to work - both operators seem to give me the European time. is there a straightforward way of telling the system that i just changed time zone, without the need to disabled network provider time?

I would be surprised if this was possible. If the network-provided time is incorrect (network provider for some reason doesn’t send this signal) I guess you just have to disable automatic time setting and set the time zone manually.

Haven’t had this issue myself when travelling from CET to GMT or EET - automatic setting has worked fine. I’ve never been to Russia, though - I wonder if this can have something to do with the fact that Russia covers many time zones, with the same operator working in all of them? So that they have skipped this option?