Serial numbers confusion


I ams selling my FP1 and have been advised to supply the Fairphone Team as well as the purchaser with the serial numbers of my phone. I have retrieved the original packaging from my attic only to discover that the serial numbers on the box do not match those in the phone, underneath the battery. What is wrong? Which should I use?..

That certainly is strange!
Did you order multiple Fairphones by any chance? Or did your Fairphone get repaired (replaced motherboard perhaps?)

I did not buy several! I did send it back though several months ago because I wasn’t happy with the GPS. They did some repair, would that have changed the SN?

Alright then maybe they replaced the motherboard.
If you could provide me with either the request or repair number then I can confirm this for you (you can PM this as well if you feel more comfortable that way.)

My guess is that the motherboard has been replaced, this means new IMEI numbers and a new Serial number. The IMEI numbers and Serial number on the original box would suffice for our team because you are registered to that phone in our system.

I don’t think I have kept any correspondence relating to the repair. But as you said the phone is in your system registered to me with the original numbers… Thanks for your help.

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