Sensitive power button

The power button in my FP1 is super sensitive. The phone reboots when I just touch or hover near the power button, without pressing the button. The problem started with the power button being unreliable in responding for a few days and has degenerated into random reboots when I or any other object is close enough to the power button.

I recently did a factory reset and an operating system upgrade (to kitkat).

Please search for “broken power button” through the forum search (the little magnifying glass above).

I’m on the go, so I can’t provide you with a link atm.

Thanks. I did go through the forum topics on broken power button. However, I am not sure that the power button is broken. It seems to work fine at times and then behaves erroneously at other times.

Yep, that’s a sign of a broken power button, as has been discussed in various other topics.

Please have a look at this post:

If you are not experienced in soldering, have a #localrepairshop do it.

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