Sensitive display on android 10

Hello ! :slight_smile:
I purchesed earlier this year an FP3 which came with Fairphone OS based on Android 9.
Recently i have upgraded my camera modules and therfore i had to update also the OS to Android 10.
I have used Fairphone OS based on Android 10 and /e/ OS which is also based on Android 10.
with both of them my touchscreen becomes sometimes very sensitive, (i.e. if i press a letter i get that letter like 5 times, same happens if i choose some option or open some app).This would sometimes take hours before it would go away, on its own. Afterwards randomely it would come back.
With Android 9 (Fairphone OS and Lineage16) i never had this issue.
I have now moved to Lineage17 which is also based on Android 10 and i still notice that sometimes this problem occurrs but now it goes away much quicker, i.e. if i get the issue i press like 2-3 times on different letters/options and afterthat it is back to normal. (on fairphone os and /e/ it took hours for it to go away).

does anyone else experience such an issue? could it be indeed that this is caused by some bug in android 10 or should it be just a hardware issue on my phone and what i saw were just coincedences?

This could be related to this issue. Make sure to report your findings to Fairphone support.

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