Sending pics WhatsApp not working even after having changed Privacy Impact Setting

When I changed the privacy impact settings that did help resolve the problem in the Facebook app.
It, however, left the problem in Whatsapp unresolved. Sending pictures is only possible when I take the photo in that very moment. Selecting previously taken photographs or downloading pictures seems to work (you can go through the entire selecting process) right up until you get back to your message and see it has had no effect. The photo isn’t there. Been scrolling through the different topics here, but haven’t come across a solution for this (should I have overlooked it, my apologies). The various FP updates that have come around since have also not fixed the problem. Anyone any ideas for improvement?

First use the backup from WhatsApp to make a backup.
Then remove WhatsApp.
Apply the update of the OS to 1.3.6 if you haven’t done this yet.
Install WhatsApp.
Try again WhatsApp.

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