Sending messages fails after WhatsApp update

we use WhatsApp on both, Fairphone 1 and Fairphone 2 (FPOpen) without GApps. After updating from version 2.18.92 to 2.18.122 (using Raccoon) sending messages failed on both. So we downgraded to 2.18.92 and it worked again.
Yesterday a message came up on the FP1 which told us to update WhatsApp because 2.18.92 will not be supported anymore in two weeks.
I am surprised that I cannot find information about these issues in the forum or on the net. Does anybody of you have the same problems and knows how to fix them? Or where I can find helpful information?
Best regards, HippiE

I’d contact

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Thanks Ingo, I am going to try this if it really stops working next week.

Is there anybody who uses WhatsApp version 2.18.122 or newer?

I have Whatsapp 2.18.223. Everything works fine on my FP1 with Android Kitkat and without GApps.

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Thank you, so there is a good chance that an update to the current version works.

Yesterday I updated to the latest WhatsApp version 2.18.277 (using Yalp) and it works on both FPs. Thanks for your help.