Sending location without GMaps?

I have a FP2 with an updtes FP OS.
I normally do not use location, keep it desabled and only rarely activate it to use OSMAnd.
Today I was trying to use a Telegram bot and it asked me to send my location (it’s @YouNewsBot which is supposed to send you local news, so it requires your location only once).
Through Telegram, theoretically you can simply send your location as an attachment (it is one of the many attachment options).
I tried doing it but it failed saying it needs google maps.
Any other way to send it?
Could I create the file myself? Which format should it be?

This appears to be a limitation of Telegram itself. There’s a discussion about it in the FOSS fork of the project here. The author there has suggested a patch to Telegram here, but it doesn’t appear to have been implemented. (Though you could check whether it is possible by opening osmand, and then checking whether you can share your location with Telegram)

As far as I know, location data isn’t an attached file, but rather a specifically formatted type of message. I don’t think there’s really a way to send them manually, as just typing a normal message will mean the text gets sent and interpreted as text, rather than be interpreted as location. Maybe the author of the bot will have an idea about what might work (or have implemented an alternative way of specifying location).

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