Send SMS to multiple contacts

Hello friends
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I have installed the latest update of Fairphoneopen OS.
I have two questions: one related to the Contacts app and the other related to sending an SMS to multiple recipients.

I wish to create a group in Contacts to which I would like to send one or more SMSs. Contacts does not allow to create a group unless there is an account. Is there a way to create a group in Contacts (give the same label, for example, to multiple contacts)?

Since I did not find an answer to 1. on the web, I created an account on a server. This account is synchronized using DAVx5. Contacts is able to see the group but cannot modify the members of this group.
Furthermore, the default Messaging app does not show the group . This means I am unable to choose a group to which to send an SMS. Is there a way to make the group show up in the Messaging app.

Thanks for any help! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
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