(Semi-) OFFICIAL #EFCT16 Movie Trailer!

Hello everyone!
The #EFCT16 is over, but instead of letting it die quietly, I decided to make a short Video about it! On this link you can find the trailer:


UPDATE: It seems that some people can’t open the link, so I’m trying to find out why.
If it doesn’t work, what browser do you use (multiple choice available, since mobile browsers are generally not supported I left them out)?

  • Chrome - Linux
  • Chrome - OS X
  • Chrome - Windows
  • Firefox - Linux
  • Firefox - OS X
  • Firefox - Windows
  • Internet Explorer - Windows (to be honest, PLEASE download another browser if you are still using IE ;))
  • Safari - OS X

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Wow! I am impressed! Best wishes Marie


Ich kann nicht auf den link klicken im Firefox mobile.

Auch mein Desktop Firefox mag den Link nicht.

Out of security reasons Icecat Mobile won’t let me connect to the site.

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Wenn ich in Firefox for Android “Show desktop site” klicke, kann ich den Trailer herunterladen. Schaut cool aus! :smiley:

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It doesn’t show in my Chrome browser at the office :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that many browsers don’t support this cloud… On my 4 year old Safari version it works :confused:

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Palemoon (Firefox based) on Windows doesn’t display the link :frowning:
Thank you

Firefox on Linux had no issues opening it.
I have a personal web space at a server which I administer, I can upload it there if you want, then you won’t have issues with the download application anymore.
For the whole video you may have to find web space elsewhere but the trailer is small enough.

MEGA.nz has 50GB free storage and the whole video won’t be longer than 5-10mins since most people (including me) have a short attention span. So no problem :slight_smile:

Hi, gab es zu dem Trailer ein Updade?

Leider nicht, da fast niemand seine Fotos in die dafür vorgesehene Cloud hochgeladen hat :confused:

echt nicht? aber ich hatte meine doch hoch geladen, oder? VG

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Ja eh, aber nur du und Iratxe, sonst niemand :frowning:

Ups, das mit der Cloud hatte ich gar nicht mitbekommen. Kann ich das noch nachholen?


Ich habe auch einige Fotos, @Stanzi kann ich sie auch hochladen?

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Hi Clemens and others,

what do you think about a private Youtube channel for such videos?


P.S. could not open video on my FP1u with FF neither :frowning:

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