Selling used FP2 - Turquoise slim case - UK only

I am selling a used Fairphone 2 - owned since new, July 2016.
Two batteries purchased May 2018, plus original 2016 battery included.
Teal slim case (corner damage - but functions fine).

Android 6.0.1 installed with Fairphone OS 18.04.01
Cameras - 8MP rear, 2MP front.

Phone is mostly functional (I would still be using it if I hadn’t been given a replacement), however it suffers from the following flaws and is definitely not perfect!

  • Damage to case from dropping phone: one bottom corner scratched, one bottom corner missing small section of plastic (see image).
  • Couple of slight bright patches on screen visible under certain conditions but nothing major.
  • Random reboots - sometimes it will go months without a reboot, sometimes it seems to get stuck in a loop and will reboot for a few hours. Doesn’t seem to be caused by loose battery, but another unidentified cause.
  • High temperature under heavy use - common problem.
  • Battery life: won’t last a full day of usage, hence spare batteries!
  • User experience - I found the phone to significantly slower than when new, possibly because storage was full!

Selling because I was given another phone with more internal storage, and I found the glitches above frustrating.
Offers welcome!

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