Selling several modules

I bought a refurbished FP2 because the main module of my previous one crashed and it was more expensive to fix it according to the answer from Fairphone (what a pity). Anyway, it means that I have a FP2 with all modules to sell. First, I kept them for me as spares parts, but I’m considering buying a FP3 so I have no more reason to keep them. So the following modules are on sale:
Screen : 50€
Top Module (2Mp): 10€
Bottom Module: 20€
2x Batterie (a bit tired but works for a regular day) : 10€ (for both)
All modules can be tested on my actual FP2 before sending. Let me know if you want any information. Shipping fees are my charge.

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Hello Robin,

I’m interested in buying your bottom module and batteries.
Are they still available?


Hi Robin,

I would be also interested in your bottom module, so, if Freya does not want it any more je how… send a message.

Best regards, Linus

I don’t need any of the modules, but I just wanted to make sure: You are aware that the Fairphone 3+ (2020 model) is currently not on stock at Fairphone and most dealers? Only the Fairphone 3 (2019 model) is deliverable.

Great, thanks! The adress is:

Freya Van den Bossche
Rue de ***


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thanks @urs_lesse :wink:


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Hi, I am interested in the bottom module and the batteries. Still have them?

Hi, sorry Caroline, Someone already bought it.

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