Selling my FP2 since reboot issues

I am selling my 2 years old fairphone. Screen replaced by warranty once and everything otherwise is ok, but I never got rid of daily random reboots.

I live in Finland, but don’t expect the buyer to be from Finland. I will provide my number and e-mails etc. for you to identify me well enough for the purchase. I rather sell the phone here than on some online used phone marketplace, since people here understand fairphone and possible quirks better.

I simply couldn’t stand the reboots anymore and was really frustrated that I could use the phone only for 2 years after giving up (environmental values). I hope the next phone, I’m able to utilize longer.

I have a spare battery for the phone, since the battery in FP2 is simply not great and I thought getting new one would make it last longer, but didn’t do that noticeably.

If you need anything, like more details, just ask.

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Just to be sure: Have you tried putting a bit of thin cardboard between the battery and the bottom module as well as the cover? On some phones the battery space is a little too large, which can cause the battery to “wobble” bit which results in a lost connection and a reboot.
If you haven’t done this yet, I’d recommend you try it first and see if it helps :slight_smile:

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I had issues before and I setup extra padding to the bottom of the battery. But the problem was gone later on, when the phone was in warranty and I changed the battery to new one. The rebooting issue appeared again later on again. Though I have to mention, that the reboots can happen at any time (even during night time, when the phone is not moved at all).

But not really, lately (the last half a year, when the problem really started getting more frequent) haven’t really tried that again.

Maybe a reinstall of the OS could help, too…

Hmm, this reminds me of the Apple Airport Express issue, an issue @StevenHachel experienced. Is that possibly the issue, @chrmhoffmann?

After I decided to get another phone, I actually did a full reinstall of the OS and basically I kept it up without installing anything on top of the default reinstall. It might have been going on, without reboots, when there was nothing extra installed in it and no network connectivity. With network connectivity, there was reboot issues with it (as far as I remember, whether it was Wi-Fi or mobile data, it didn’t matter, might have affected the frequency of reboots, but didn’t remove them).

I had interest in trying lineage on the phone, but never ended up installing it, as I have a colleague at work, who has simplistic lineage installation and still suffers from reboot issues.

Like I mentioned, I got fed up with the reboots and have had issues with phones before too, so I got something I hoped would last longer in my usage. So I have a new phone already, but would still like the idea of getting the phone working stably and getting it in actual usage as per sustainable way.

I’m all for supporting finding the issue / bugs if I can be of assistance. I have the phone lying useless as I was previously testing it with the reboot issues after reinstalling it. I’m not ruling out fairphone in the future, since I really like the idea and the company, but it just has to be more stable for my use (and especially the sustainability is the thing that is the most important to me).

I’m interested in perhaps buying if you’re still selling. Should I send you a message?

Images of the phone front and back and also receipt (in Finnish) that shows the purchase date and my identity.

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Hi, I might buy from another post here—someone selling two FP2.

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