Selling my FP2 inkl. Top-Modul 5MP and 2 Covers, 160€ from AT

I am selling my used Fairphone 2, its simple to big for my small hands :smiley:
I upgraded the Top-Modul, bought it new from Fairphone. Front Cam is the original. The old Top-Modul comes along as well as two different covers. The blue cover as in addition a patch on it, so its not that slippy if you hold it.

The microphone is not working too well, the sound if put highest is itchy. The 2nd Sim Slot seems not to work anymore.
I am not the tech geek, so it probably needs a reboot.

Sending the Fairphone from Austria. (Shipping costs will be calculated in addition)

IMG_20200521_190446 IMG_20200521_190502

Can you place a photo on the forum when you display is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?

As Lisa never posted a photo of the Fairphone working, this post is closed on 29th May.

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