Selling my FP2, camera module does not work

Hi all,

my FP2 is for sale.
It works fine now, safe for the camera module which is not functioning anymore, and no spare are available.

I had some random reboot issues and battery drains, but this was solved by a factory reset.

No cracks, dents on the shell, the inside is very clean also.
I’ve got this phone in 2018 as a replacement for my original FP2 from the first 17418, which was faulty.

The shell is more recent as I kept my Coral red case for the other FP2 we bought which was initially Blue

I’ll ship it in the original case.

Would like to get 200€ for it.


I am after a new core module for my wife’s FP2. I think this is maybe too expensive for me, and I don’t need most of the bits… but I do have a spare original camera module if that’s of any interest to you for repairing your phone? Let me know if so, or if you might consider lowering your price or splitting your phone for parts.


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