Selling my Fairphone 3 at Zandaam

I’m selling my Fairphone 3 with a USB-C cable for 320€ (plus shipping if necessary, phone is located in Zandaam, NL). I used it since december 15th, 2020, bought it through Belsimpel. I don’t have the original box or the little screwdriver because I unfortunately lost all my stuff during the pandemic when I was returning home. I loved my experience with this phone, I am only selling it because I can’t use it in Colombia due of a telcom regulation. Phone is in really good conditions with all the original parts. See picture:

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Please post a photo of the phone switched on displaying today’s date. This is a forum regulation for selling phones on the forum.

Hi Alex, Done! I uploaded the pic.


I allowed myself to make your photo directly visible. :slight_smile:


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