Selling my Fairphone 2 (Amsterdam) #RESERVED

I’m selling my FP2.
It’s in great working condition, no scratched screen. But the cover is a bit worn out and the battery could use replacement.
Bought it here on the forum over a year ago. Lost the receipt the guy sended me back then. Could ask him to send again but there is no warranty on it anyway.
So this is the deal:
As i’m living in Amsterdam I order a new cover (pick your color) and battery and I send you a good as new Fairphone 2 for 300,- including delivery cost.
If you live in the Netherlands and you want to order the parts yourself and come and pick-up the phone in person it will be 220,-

edit: It currently has twrp and Lineage OS installed but I will flash it to Fairphone’s OS upon sale.

Hi Scrapemist,
I’m interested in your offer of a FP2.
Since I’m a FP beginner I would choose the “full service” offer (new cover + battery). It is intended as a gift for my daughter - she is going to start her smartphone life. For that it is of interest to me how long it would take till you have fixed the phone . Her birthday is in 3 weeks…
Price is ok to me. I’m from Germany - is that ok with you?
Best regards

@Kasimire Sorry to say someone beat you to it.
Hopefully another one pops up around here.
Good luck!