Selling FP2 with fast battery drain fault + 2 batteries

Comes with 2 batteries which i do not believe are the problem, as i have purchased a spare battery and had the same fast drain issue.
Everything else such as screen (with no scratches), camera etc is working as normal.
The fault is likely in the core motherboard module.
So good parts should be everything else inc. the 2 batteries.
Id take £100 ono for it plus shipping from the UK


Is rear camera module 8MP or 12MP?

Hi Its the 8MP


What colour is it’s case?

Sorry for late reply.
Its black.


For basically a “Parts only” device if sold on Ebay I do feel that despite being ono it is rather optimistically priced currently.

fair enough, make me an offer :wink:

Just take care, that sending batteris crossborder is not easy:

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