Selling FP2 - sometimes display problems

I’m selling my FP2, one month age I had serious problems with the display (colored dots only). Than I bought a new display, which doesn’t help, same error. So I send back the new display. I tried to clean the contacts, which helped a little bit. I think there is a problem with the core module. In the meantime, I bought a FP3. During waiting for the new FP3, the display error disappeared and the FP2 works fine again. But I don’t know for how long. I will ask for 130€ for selling the FP2
Shipping in Germany is 4,99 €, Inside EU 14€ with Insurance. Inside EU 9 €, without Insurance, Outside, 16 €,

Hey there, I’m curious when you bought the FP2. Which camera modules are in there? I’ve been wanting to buy a new screen since mine is broken and new camera modules since I have the old ones (8MP front, 2MP selfie). Gruss, Julia

I bought it 3rd of March 2016 directly by FAIRPHONE.

Thanks for the info. I’m out since I prefer the newest cameras. Good luck selling!

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