Selling FP2 in White (UK)

Hey all,

I’m selling my Fairphone FP 2. It’s about 7 months old, it’s white, got a lil chip in the plastic at the back but apart from that it’s as good as new.

Looking for a new home for it as I’ve not personally enjoyed using it as much as I expected to. I’m sure it’ll be appreciated by someone out there though.

I will clean the phone inside and out so it’s sparkly for the next person, you have my word.

I’m in Northwood, Middlesex, Zone 6 on the London Underground system, just outside North West London.

Here it is:

More pictures available if you message me. I’m new so I can’t post as many as I’d like to. Happy to be completely transparent about the condition it’s in, as it’s still beautiful :3

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