Selling FP2 - Good condition - Belgium

I’m selling my FP2 , dispatched january 2016. Fairphone is in perfect condition.
It had a new screen (2017), a new cover (indigo, august 2018), a new microphone module (2017) and a new battery. I sell it for 350.
I’m from Belgium.

Dear Davy,

what kind of camera module is in the phone 8 or the new 12 Megapixel module?
Thanks so far.


The old one, 8 Megapixel.

Dear Davy,

Would you be able to ship to locations outside of Belgium in the EU or the US? Also, do you have any pictures of the phone?

Thank you,


Shipping outside Belgium: I don’t have experience with it. I can always check how that works.

if someone doesn’t agree with the price, you can always make another bid. I prefer a second life for my fp2 ;-).

Hi Davy,

Is the phone still available?


The phone is still available

Hi Davy,
I am interested in the phone (if still available). Is there a way to communicate via PM?

Hi Kat 123,

I’ve send you a PM.

Hey Davy,
is the phone still available?

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