Selling FP2 + extra battery. 60eur

Hi there,

I’m selling my FP2 together with a spare battery. It is 3 years old and the selfie camera doesn’t work. The rest works well considering the age.

I live in Brussels but can ship anywhere, shipping costs to be added on the 60eur.


Hey, I’m interested in the phone. Does it come with the old 8MP camera or did you replace it? Also: How much would shipping to Austria cost? Kind regards, Sepp

Hi, I’d be very happy to inherit your fairphone if Sepp doesn’t take it. :wink: Unfortunately, I won’t make it to Brussels in the near future, so you would have to send it to me (Germany or Switzerland).

I am also interested! I live in Germany. Please let me know if it’s still available :slight_smile: Lotta

Same here! Very interested! How much would it be to send it to France?
Thanks a bunch!

Hello! I would also be interested, as my Fairphone 1 seriously needs replacement and buying second hand is a good solution to fight planned obsolescence. Is the phone still available? I live in Romania.
PS: are you the JM Simon coordinating Zero Waste Europe? That would be an interesting coincidence, as I have worked for Zero Waste Romania for the past year.
Best regards,
Irina Breniuc

hello everyone,
Apologies for not having been responsive enough. In the end I will arrange the deal with Irina since we work in the same organisation and this will reduce the shipping costs and also the follow-up.

thanks for your interest!

What I’d find interesting to know — speaking of Zero Waste :wink: — what will be your phone, when you sell the FP2?

PS: I’m impressed by people still having a FP1, but from a Security point of view this is quite a catastrophe. In the same Idea I hope FP will soon have a new version of the phone able to run newer versions than Android 7 (while obviously keeping support for FP2!)

I beg to differ.
For the FP1 is the possibility to upgrade to Android 4.4.4 with securtity updates up to 01-01-2019.


Thanks for differing and correctly my (apparently) lack of information!


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to express my interest as well, in case the other people before me are not interested anymore :). My screen is a little broken (on the left side) and cleaning the connection points is not helping so I’m looking for a replacement screen! I work in Brussels so could come by and pick it up face to face.

Anyway, let me know if I’m still in the running :smiley:


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