Selling FP2 bought in april 2018 (Copenhagen)

Hello there

I decided to sell my FP2 with white case. The connection to the front camera is not working, but I didn’t try to fix it, so it can almost certainly be repaired since it is the concept of this module-based phone. Besides that it works just fine but has some cracks in the corners of the backcase. I hope to find a new home for my phone but since it has the camera defect, which the new owner would have to deal with, I sell it for 400 euros (new price was 525). I’m based in Copenhagen.

Hope to hear from you. :slight_smile:

As a 12MP camera module costs €45 and a case €30 you aren’t seriously expecting some one to pay €475 plus presumably shipping for an 18 month old phone, whilst the supply of pre-owned ones has never been better with imminent deliveries of it’s successor the FP3? Whilst welcoming you to our forum, it might be a little more realistic to lower your expectations as to it’s worth.


Hi aspergerguy
I must admit that I didn’t know about the module and case prices so thank you for informing me. That being said, the camera doesn’t necessarily needs to be changed, since it could be the connection that needs to be fixed. I will change my price to 325 €, but it is negotiable, so anyone can say their offer.

You might like to see if this 6 month old FP2 gets sold for €200:

Hello Johanne,

is your FP2 still available?
How does it work the screen?
Thank you,