Selling: FP2 Battery (used)

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Original Fairphone 2 Battery that came with the phone (2015). It still holds a decent charge for about a day of regular usage, more or less as one would expect after 3 years of usage. Back of the battery has some very shallow dents in plastic.

€8 excl. shipping. I live in the Netherlands (east).

I’m selling the modules and original reusable parts of my Fairphone 2 (2015, “One of the first 17,418”).

The reason I’m selling is that my core module started failing (the infamous ‘coloured pixels’ issue) and I decided to not buy a replacement FP2 so I have no need for spare parts. See my other topics on this forum for the other parts. I’m willing to sell for a reduced price (excl. shipping) if you buy multiple items:

Bottom module + top module + camera module: €31 -> €25 + free slim case

Bottom module + top module + camera module + battery: €39 -> €30 + free slim case

Bottom module + top module + camera module + battery + display: €89 -> €75 + free slim case

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