Selling FP1U (with broken display)

Selling my FP1U, bought in 2014. The display is broken, but the rest was working fine, including the battery, so great for spare parts.
Offer me a fair price!
(to be shipped from Belgium or Czechia)

Why don’t you use the display from your other FP1 to fix this one?

Because then I would have a second phone without a display? :slight_smile:
They both work fine (apart form the display of this one), I just got the second one here form the market when the display of my original phone broke (and no display units were sold at that moment). Now I eventually had to switch because of the unupdated software, so with a lot of grief I hope to pass these phones over. Indeed someone can get the two and swap the displays if it would make sense in their eyes.


There are Fairphone Angels that have secondhand spare parts for the FP1 including displays.
You can bring your phone to an Angel and have it repaired for free. No costs, no guarantee.
If you can’t come in person, you could send the phone to an Angel and pay only the postage.

As for the software. At this moment you can upgrade your FP1 to Android 4.4.4 and with the security update from 01-01-19 your phone is safe to use.

Oh this is great news, I honestly was not aware of the Fairphone Angels, that would have been helfpful back then. In any case, hopefully they will be able to help whoever gets this phone, if it doesn’t go for spare parts itself.

Hi Kritu
I need a new battery for my FP1. Would you agree in selling me only your battery?
Best regards

sure, there doesn’t seem to be much demand for the rest. feel free t write me a message to arrange the details

Hello Kritu,

Like Yves, I need a new battery for my FP1, but am prepared to buy the whole phone if necessary. Is the undamaged one, (which I saw advertised the other day but can’t now find it), still available?

Best wishes


That one is sold, yes.

Hi Sarah,
Dave was interested in the battery, but still hasn’t given me the final confirmation, I will let you know if he changes his mind. The undamaged phone is sold already.

Hello Kristyna and Urs,

I replied to both your messages from my email box and one of them bounced and I don’t know which one, so I shall repeat myself here.

Thank you both for letting me know. Hopefully (for me) Dave changes his mind.

Best wishes


Hi Kristyna,

I’ve received your email but for some reason my reply keeps bouncing. I’ll keep trying.

Yes, I am still interested in buying it.

Best wishes


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