Selling FP1U with 2 V2 batteries/Vends FP1U/Vendo FP1U

Hi everybody!
I’ve just change my phone and I’m looking to sell my old FP1U

-Including 2 adapting batteries HB5N1H 3,7V 1800mAh

-Its original box and an orange protected and elastic material phone case made by a 3D printer

-In good condition, just there’s a bad contact in the microusb power plug that can make problems while charging with some usb cables. Just need to have a good one.

Je viens de changer mon portable et je vends mon ancien FP1U:
-Avec 2 batteries HB5N1H 3,7V 1800mAh
-La box original et une coque orange elastique de protection
-En bonne condition, il y a juste un souci avec le plug de charge qui fait que marche pas avec tous les cable de chargement usb.

Here some pictures!

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