Selling FP1U (UK)

Bought may/junish 2014. Working and tidy condition (screen protector on) but with the well documented loose USB connection, or battery issue - hard to charge then looses charge within the day… Spares or repair - make me an offer!

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Just in case you want to still give it a try and don’t know this yet:
If the USB connector hasn’t literally broken the motherboard itself and is just loose, a repair shop might be able to solder it (or a new one) back in place. If a new USB connector is needed, a fitting replacement is MOLEX 105017-0001.


Thanks - we are in the middle of no-where, I would have a go myself if i could see a you tube of someone doing it - any self repairers out there?

I think it’s very tricky if not done by a pro. Conductors can be damaged by the soldering if it’s not super precise (see here). If you cannot get it done by an expert and don’t want to keep charging the battery in an external charger (“universal charger”), just go through with selling.

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