Selling FP1, still in good shape, with renewed battery!

I’m gonna say goodbye to my FP1. First batch ever produced, delivered in January 2014 with original case and usb-cord. In 2016 I renewed the battery. Haven’t used it much since, because I needed a better camera for professional purposes. But its still functioning the way it should.

  • still fully functional
  • battery replaced in 2016
  • no scratches on screen
  • some scratches/scrapes to edge and back of metal case and protection case.
  • including original usb cable

Do a good and fair bid (ex postal costs) and it’s all yours. No problem sending it from Amsterdam internationally. Payment through Paypal.
Start bidding! :wink:

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Hey !
I’m quite new in the FairPhone community, I would really enjoy starting to experience the 1st FairPhone !
I don’t really know how to find the “personal message” function yet —“
I don’t know either what would be a fair price,but maybe 70-80€ ?

When you click at Willum’s icon (the W in a green circle), a window should open right next to it. There should be a blue “Message” button on its right.

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Thanks @urs_lesse :hugs::hugs: !

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Hey Jesse! Just sent you a personal message.

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