Selling Fairphone 3 (Brussels area)

Hello, this is Diego.

I bought my Fairphone 3 last November. Recently I decided to move to a dumbphone and I am looking forward to sell my FP3.

It is in good condition except for the white letters in the back that fell. My idea was to sell it at 350€. I am currently based in Brussels.

Accesories that I still have with me:

  • Phone
  • Plastic cover
  • usb C charger
  • Screwdriver
  • original box (in very bad state)
  • I can also provide a scanned version of the invoice for the warranty

Hello I’m interested is it still available? (i also live in the vicinity of Brussels so i could pick it up)

Hey! I am also interested if it is still available. I am based in Ghent but can take a train to Brussels to pick it up. (And a bit off topic but cool to see you are switching to a dumb phone! I only had a dumb phone so far but feel it’s time to get a smartphone because of work etc. But LOVED life with a dumber phone!)

Hello, the phone is still available and works fine. I am selling it since I am switching to a dumbphone and my work provides another one (having a fairphone lying in my room just seems like a waste)

Is it still available? I tried to send you a message, but I not really familiar with the forum.
I don’t know if it worked of if a notification was sent. Hence this little message.

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