Selling Fairphone 3+ (bought in Feb 2021)

What product(s) are you selling?

Hey @ all

I am selling my Fairphone 3 +
I just can not get used to the size of it as I always had small phones (the old school ones with buttons… :smiley: )

The phone is in perfect condition as I have an original Fairphone protective cover and a screen protector (with blue filter).

I have the box and screwdriver also.

I am selling it all for 400 Euro and would be shipping it from Germany or Ireland.

Package includes:

Fairphone 3+
Fairphone 3 Protective Case Black
Fairphone 3 Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter
Fairphone 3 box with screwdriver

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Hi @Golfinha Welcome to the forum. I wonder how long you have had the phone and did you buy it directly from Fairphone online?

Hey @amoun

Yes I bought it at fairphone directly on the 9th of February this year

Hello Golfinha,

Germany where? (I’m in Hamburg, maybe there is a chance to do it personally)


Hey @elect

In Germany it would be in Berlin.


Ok, I’ll take it then

Hi @Golfinha, just in case other guy change his Mind buying your phone, i’m very interested! Anne

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Hi @anneschi okay great I will let you know :slight_smile:

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