Selling: Fairphone 2 with new Main-Camera Module

HI there,

i am selling my FP2 with the new Back-Camera-Module.
It is in good shape, has the transparent Backcover (a little cracked on the edges), a Screen Protector on the Display and runs on Lineage OS 15.1.
It has the typical FP Problem with the Restarts. Somnetimes it doesnt do that for days on other days it restarts a couple of times a day.
All in all i would give it an “B+” on its condition.

I want 120 € plus Shipping for the Phone. Paypal i possible.
I live in Muenster (Münster/NRW) Germany.

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i am interested, i’ll send you a pm.
Regards, dispatcher

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Hi, ich wär auch interessiert, falls mein Vorredner es doch nicht möchte…

If the first replier isnt interested anymore I would be interested aswell!

Danke dir!

Das Gerät ist Reserviert!

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