Selling Fairphone 2 with extra's

Hi all,

I’m curently selling my one year old Fairphone 2, because I got myself a version 3.

It comes with an extra battery (not because the original one ran out of juice, but as an handy extra I needed for work sometimes) and a 12 mb camera. The 12 mb camera is installed, the 8 mb standard camera is wrapped up (see pic) and workingfine too.
It also comes with a charging cable, extra front “cover” (see pic, not sure how to describe it otherwise) and the original box and guide, still in plastic.

The phone is one year old, because I got a new one after trouble with the camera of my original Fairphone 2.
Only small flaw is a very little crack in the blue back cover on the left bottom side.

I would ship anywhere around the world, but would prefer the sell in in the Netherlands, to keep shipping easy. Preferred payment via Paypal.

Please only place bids EUR 190,- or higher…Negotiated price is always EX SHIPPING.


Could you place a foto of the FP2 with the data of tody showing on the screen?

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I just did and used the photo of the 25th, otherwise I have to set up my old phone again…But strange, I have been selling advertisements for magazine for years, and in my opinion the photo of all the gear would be more appealing than that of just one phone with the date on it. I mean: if people want proof of the phone working, they can send me a message requesting it. Why would I sell a phone that is broken, when all my details are known to Fairphone?

There are people in the world who see no problem in scamming someone. Same on this forum.
Besides how do I know what you did earlier.

Anyway, I know your offer is legitimate.


Hi there,
I’d be interested in your FP2 for 190€ + Shipping. Could you please repost the pictures showing the whole bundle? I’m in Spain.

Good morning Miguel,

I hereby get back to you, as promised after the weekend. I am more than happy to sell you the Fairphone 2 for 190,- + shipping. How would you prefer it to be send to you? DHL, FedEx or normal postage including insurance? Please let me know so I can make a package for you…

Kind regards,


Hi Philip,

That’s great, thanks for your response. Prior to buying I would very much appreciate if you could post the pictures showing the whole pack. As you say, it’s difficult to make a mental image of some of the items. By the way, what was the trouble with the camera that made you buy a new FP? Did you manage to solve it?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Miguel,

No problem, I’ll post it in a minute. I already send it to you by mail days ago, did you not get it? Camera problems were fixed with the new F2, I did not buy it, they sendme onefor free…Theproblem was that thecamera would quit unexpected and show blurred pictures, aka it was nt reliable…

Hi Philip,

Sent you a private message.

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