Selling 5 months old Fairphone 2 - Paris [SOLD]

Hey Guys,
I’m selling my Fairphone 2. I’ve used it for about 4 months but it didn’t work out for me so I got back to the previous I had. It has small scratches at the edges of the case. I sell it for [update : 300€]. I have its original box and the delivery note. I reset the Phone so it’s ready to use.

I’m based in Paris, France.
Shipment (from Paris) on buyer’s costs.

Please message me if you’re insterested.



Je vends mon Fairphone FP2 que j’ai acheté en décembre dernier. Je n’arrive pas à m’y faire donc j’ai repris mon ancien téléphone, c’est pourquoi je le revends. Il a quelques égratignures sur les côtés de l’étui. Je le vends [MAJ : 300 €]. J’ai la boite d’origine et le bon de livraison qui contient tous les détails. J’ai réinitialisé le téléphone donc il est prêt à être utilisé.

Je vis à Paris.

Envoyez-moi un message si vous êtes intéressé.


Hi Ingrid,

The last price I could read before unused FP2s were sold out was 399.- € and the “New life edition” last was sold at this price too.
You write that yours is used already and shows slight signs of wear. Don’t you think the price then should be matched accordingly to rise someones interest?
As Fairphone writes on their homepage, the “New life edition” will soon be back (probably at the same price as the last).


Hi, thanks for warning me ! I was not even aware of all of this and even less that Fairphone FP2 refurbished existed. I hope I can modify my post.

I have a question, when Fairphone sells phone, they are under warranty 2 years. So, if I sell it now to someone, could you confirm that this person can make the warranty work even if she/he is not the original buyer ? Thanks !

Have a good one,


You may want to read a bit more about this here.

There were warranty cases like this discussed here in the past. Maybe you can find them using the search function.
I would assume as long as there is a proof that someone is the legal owner and can provide evidence such as the original proof of purchase it should work. So you should also ship the original receipt with the phone.
IIRC the phone can be re-registered at Fairphone using the devices IMEI numbers.

I agree with @Patrick1, that should not be a problem as long as there’s a proof of purchase, i.e. original purschase from Fairphone or a reseller.
When I sold a FP2 some tme ago I

  1. scanned the original invoice (a photo should also do) and sent a request to Fairphone support asking them to register the device to the new owner (I don’t remember if I also referenced the forum topic regarding the sale),
  2. gave the support ticket number to the new owner (for reference)
  3. and sent the original (paper) invoice together with the device to the buyer.

Fairphone support approved afte a few days that they had registered the FP2 with the new owner.
Of course I had agreed upon this approsch with the buyer, since I needed to pass his personal data to Fairphone.

In case the buyer (or you yourself) might not agree to this process, just sending the original invoice together with the phone should also be sufficient.

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Thanks to both of you for you answer. I will look at this from closer.

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Salut Ingrid,

Je suis intéressée, mais étant donné que le prix du fairphone reconditionné par Fairphone eux même est 299euros avec deux ans de garantie, je ne suis preneuse du tiens que pour maximum 250euros. Sa garantie étant déjà partiellement entamée, et l’appareil n’ayant pas été recondionné :slight_smile:

Je vis à Londres mais je serai à Paris dans deux semaines si nous avons un deal, comme ça pas de livraison !

Bonne soirée,

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