Sell without camera's

The product page says:

If you don’t need it, we don’t include it.

But it only refers to accessories. For my smartphone I don’t need a front-facing camera (never make selfies). Would be cool if I’d be able to leave that out too on my purchase.


If you’re talking about FP3

It also contains everything you need for clear calls, like the receiver, 3.5mm earphone jack, secondary microphone and proximity sensor.

So you would want to keep it.


I think the front camera is an indispensable part of a smartphone for the vast majority of users – and primarily for video calls rather than selfies. So I think the small size of the group of buyers who would want to have an FP3 without a front camera would make it a net loss endeavour for Fairphone to re-construct the whole phone in order to isolate the front camera into its very own standalone-module.


Fair enough. I thought it was already a separate module.


Remember that there are free FP3 cameras on the market from people who replaced their FP3 cameras with FP3+ cameras. So it still could be interesting to buy a new FP3(+) without cameras.
Or (easier for new users) Fairphone could collect the old cameras and sell phones with them at a reduced price. That would increase the recycling! :grinning:


Probably not economical. If the camera costs are A then a second hand older version will be A-2. Then as the phone are made in China it would require Fairphone to ask for a ‘different’ product which wouldn’t be much less that FP3

Then it requires either sending the cameras to China or using their repair facilities to make the swap.

I image sending to China is a no go ‘sustainably’ and economically and as for using the repair centre ~ uneconomical.


While I agree, that it is most likely not be fesible businesswise / economically, there is another way than reconstructing the whole phone.
Fairphone could offer a top module with a dummy instead of a camera. And the main (back) camera could be replaced by a dummy as well.
Such a (dummy) model could be sold for companies/users, that require a no-photo device.

But that could be something for future developement, as I don’t expect the demand to be sufficient for such a phone from Fairphone right now. Diversification of the model-range surely would need higher sales numbers.
But that’s just wild guessing on my site, as I don’t know those numbers.

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