Sell FP2 (Oct 2018) somewhat used / Verkaufe wenig benutztes FP2

I support the concept, however I am not a digital native with its typical limits. :frowning:
FP2 with all software updates + 32GB microSDHC, backcover: red, no defects or damage, screen protector still in place. FP2 is regularly working, only rarely used, Purchased 29.10.2018 for €529
Selling for €400. Shipping with insurance, payment upfront.
Private sale with no warranty or any other legal implication.

BR, Elisabeth

Hello Elisabetha,
I am intersted in buying your fairphone. can you give me the serial number and IMEI-numbers?(these can be found on a sticker underneath where the battery is.

Thank you for this info

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Thanks for your mail. Where are you located?
IMEI 1 359069071259412
Serial no 359069071259412

BR Elisabeth

According to the date of purchase it still should be covered by the manufacturers warranty with an original proof of purchase.
Any new owner then can re-register it at Fairphone to again have coverage by warranty.

Patrick1 thanks for your info. Probably the last sentence of my post was not quite correct.
Original delivery note and packaging are available.

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Hi Elisabeth,
tnx for the info,
I am from Genk in Belgium near Maastricht and Aachen

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