Sell Fairphone 3 NEW

Hi everyone, I am selling 2 (can be sold separately) Fairphone 3 in the original case still sealed.
The price is 339 euro + shipping costs for one of them (we ship within Europe and we currently live in Zurich). The price is slightly negotiable if you decide to buy both.

A friend of mine and I joined a contest for a mobile service provider and we won these phones. Throw away our working phones and use these new ones seemed really unreasonable and against the sustainable ideology behind this firm.
Therefore, we hope to find someone interested in the purchase :slight_smile:
Feel free to contact me for further information

PS. IMEI have been covered for privacy issues


Hello Riccardo Zana,
I´m interested in one of your phones. Is it still available?
Greetings Vroni Hofmann


Hi Vroni,
I am happy to see that you are interested. Both the phones are still available! Send me a dm about where you live (so I can let you know the shipping costs) and how you want to pay :slight_smile:

Have a good evening,

Hello Riccardo,
I live in Germany. But I don´t know how to write a PM.

Click on your ‘avatar’ and you should see the [Message] button.

See also below ~ you have to suffice one of the points and you have been reading for 10min so should be good to go :slight_smile:

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