Selfie camera sharpens photos too much


I just got a Fairphone 3+ and installed Lineageos/Microg ( on it. Most things work flawlessly, but the selfie camera generates overly sharpened images. Using Open Camera the issue could be solved by changing the Option Processing Settings → Edge mode algorithm from Standard to Off, but the same problem occurs with messaging apps during video calls (e.g. Signal, Telegram), where I cannot change such settings. Any idea how this can be fixed? Did I overlook some setting or is there a mod available? Or might reverting to the Stock ROM help?

I also observed the green picture issue as in FP3+ Lineage OS (LOS 18.1) Front camera stopped working - #8 by docloy with the stock camera app, which might be related.

Lineage stopped long time ago to release stable build. Since there all builds are nightlies which mean that one thing worked in an older build suddenly stop workinv and somewhete later Start workin again.
You have to know that risk and the hope that the devs fix issues fast…

Like here?

To resolve this you should notify the LOS Devs

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