Self-Support form is not sending anything

Another support formular issue:
If you use the “Find & fix an issue yourself” form and end up at the page, where you can contact the support, you can fill everything out and click “submit”, but apparently it does not send anything.

What happens: It redirects you to the same form again. It does not show you any confirmation message nor does it say that an error happened. So you are left without clues what happened.
(Also did not receive any mail.)

What should happen: At least show me an error, or better send the message.

Note I also disallow third-party cookies in my browser and have various anti-tracking extensions installed, so this may be the reason that it does not work.

Anyway, it would be good if Fairphone could fix that form there. This is quite a bad user (customer) experience. :smile:

Workaround: BTW, in contrast to that bad experience, the form at is working without these problems (and also looks nicer/is visually more appealing :wink:). So better use that.

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