Selective activation of battery saver features

Hello to the community,

I joined this forum to ask for some support in a promising approach to fix Android13 related issues and share my experience afterwards.

Since the update, my FP3 is suffering from several issues that are widely discussed in the forum.
My main issues are freezes and low overall performance. I have used disabling auto-orientation and animations as workarounds with some success. The latest update successfully fixed the freezes.

Recently, I noticed an incredible drastic increase in performance when I enabled battery saver on my phone. Is there any information on the exact settings and effects of the battery saver mode? Is there a way to enable it individually for testing? I am hoping to find out if single small changes can have a relevant effect on performance.

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Update: I managed to drastically improve the performance of my FP3 running Android 13.
I used developer options function “tracing”, simulated a low performance situation by quickly switching tabs and pages in Chrome, once in power save mode, once in normal mode. I uploaded the file to the webapp “” and compared the behavior of all tracks before and after turning on power save mode. Eventually I was able to identify some interesting ID’s, identifiers and such that I am not really able to interpret, but I was able to find them in “metrics” and draw a connection to Chrome for each of them. So I dived into chrome’s settings and turned off “preload pages” and in dev ops “memory management” I lowered the allowed background activity of chrome. It seems that my habit of keeping more than 100 tabs open in Chrome, along with a feature of Android 13, was slowing down my system.
I hope my experience will help you or at least inspire you to dare to use system tracing and do some snooping, which is interesting and fun btw!


Update2: After I improved the performance I also turned the animations back on. Now after 4 days, the device seems to have a worse performance again. Especially when typing, a delay between input and implementation is noticeable. This strongly influences the experience, and incorrect inputs occur.

Not my phone but so far I face the same issue with every device => the older the device and the less optimized the kernel is… the worse it’s performance get!

Are you using stock OS or any custom ROM?
Sometimes their performance is better, sometimes it’s just causes by Google services (therefore switching to microG is an option but PLEASE check your apps for compatibility!!!)

Sometimes a clean flash can also resolve the issue


Thank you for the tipps!
I use the stock android 13, so I guess many users will have the same issues than I have.

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