Seems I have (re)installed the fairphone app (duplicate apps)

Following the issue I had with removing the recent apps widget, I tried reinstalling the Fairphone app but now it seems I have some duplicate entries here and there.

For instance when I hold to change the wallpaper, it gives me the choice between:
Live Wallpapers

I remember te last two weren’t there at first.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

As far as I know it won’t be a problem. Just leave it as it is.
The Fairphone is my first smartphone to.
For the moment I would say just play around with the Fairphone.
Get yourself more comfortable with the phone.
There’s always the possibility to go back to the factory settings.
Have a look at the next page Support > Getting to know your Fairphone!.
Here you can find video’s where @anon90052001 explains how things work.
What really is imported, feel free to ask more questions.