Seeking to buy refurbished FP2

I want to buy refurbished fp2 for my 12 year old son as his first smartphone (especially following the announcement today that Android 10 is coming in the new year to the FP2). Are there any reputable platforms online selling them? Thanks in advance!


Fairphone sold refurbished FP2s for a short time - they went fast. There are no vendors that I know of currently selling refurbed FP2s; vireo still sells new FP2 parts, I believe, but that’s it.

Are you sure you want to get your son a six year old device, though? The FP3 has been out for two years and the FP4 just came out.


Thanks for the reply Robert. My own FP2 is one of those refurbished ones that Farirphone sold a while back that you mentioned! It still continues to serve my needs all these years later. My logic has been, if it the FP2 is still good enough for me, it would definitely be good enough for my 12 year old (even more so with Android 10 coming to FP2 in the new year). I will keep looking for one

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Agreed! Mine also works fine and does everything I need it to do.

You can keep an eye out in the market section of this forum; there’s usually one or two people selling their old FP2 there. Buyer beware, of course - they’re not refurbished and don’t have warranty.

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I wonder if your son will agree in the tomorrows :slight_smile:

Good luck on finding a phone and I hope your son will happy. I suppose you can always buy an FP3 down the line.

The advantage of having another FP2 is that you have spare parts to keep at least one of them going.

All the best.

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